Memories of the person who has passed away are often spread across multiple devices in multiple different places. Fragment’s Social Tribute brings those memories together in one place.


Social Tribute’s online platform enables the family and friends of the deceased to work together and create vibrant tributes. Photos, audio files and videos can be uploaded and collected through a mobile device, computer or social network. In addition to the immediate family’s contribution, Social Tribute also automatically curates memories collected from a wider audience, providing a unique and enriching tribute that lasts forever.

Better Rituals, Better Humans

Everybody wants to be someone significant; to leave their mark; to be part of something noble and useful.

A technology-driven world should connect us, not disconnect us

Fragment uses technology to give meaning back to the funeral experience.

Artificial intelligence

Our AI-powered algorithm automatically sorts photos into categories of the same period, groups of people and similar events, and eliminates undesirable photos, creating a polished final tribute.

Social Tribute: much more than just a slideshow

The collaborative nature of Social Tribute is what makes it so significant. The deceased’s family and friends contribute to the tribute and can also invite others to join them in sharing their memories, creating a true collective memory.

Streaming management

Social Tribute is compatible with Apple TV, Chromecast and our own commercial display system, enabling you to program videos remotely and display tributes on the desired device.

Save time and money

With Social Tribute, you're no longer left the task of gathering photos yourself, creating memorial videos or producing DVD and USB copies. Our program gathers the photos for you and automatically generates a slideshow.

HTML5 live streaming

Content is cloud-based and streamed in real-time. We also have no-internet options.

Profitable for funeral homes and families

Funeral companies usually charge around $250 to produce memorial videos. Through Social Tribute, Fragment guarantees a reliable and distinguished service for families.

Universal API

Easily integrate Social Tribute on your website and display videos on your funeral announcement page.

Continuous customer support

A dedicated team provides 24/7 support to funeral homes and family members.

Turnkey memorial video management system

Manage which tributes are streamed in which room and when. From creation to streaming online, in the reception hall or viewing room, Social Tribute makes everything easier for funeral homes and families.

Our turnkey solution Fragment Play makes hardware management easy