“Changing the way we view death and transforming funerals into something more significant and meaningful for those in mourning.”

Our customs and beliefs have evolved, but funerals and the way we deal with death have not.

Our values do not always align with those of generations past.

In this age of technology, it can be difficult to find a place for the way we internalize and the way we view death.

Many fundamental rituals have lost their meaning to us as a society. Once centred around religion, funerals are the cornerstone of this phenomenon. While we still plan and attend traditional funeral services, there is a disconnect between us and the experience.

Fragment redesigns the funeral experience, bridging the gap between tradition and what families truly want and need.

Three ways the funeral industry falls short

01 | Preserving memories

  • Photos and videos are spread out across different platforms
  • No easy way to gather memories
  • No clear and convenient way to consult them
  • No simple way to collaborate and share across platforms

02 | Celebrating life

  • Traditional funeral rituals are eroding
  • Meaning behind funerals is being lost
  • No modern and relevant memorial model to use
  • Use of technology is practically non-existent

03 | Processing grief

  • Hardly any bereavement support available
  • The way we mourn is changing
  • No easy way to access quality and credible content
  • Fast-paced lifestyle makes the grieving process even more difficult

“Better Rituals, Better Humans”

Fragment uses technology to create a significant funeral experience.

Adapted to our society’s reality and needs, Fragment creates a culture that encourages sharing, bringing those in mourning together. We have developed a modern and authentic way of supporting those in mourning through their grief and of honouring the life of the deceased.

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